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Extra Long Pallet Trucks

Extra Long Pallet Trucks

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Extra Long Hand Pallet Truck

£452.00 Price

Our Long Pallet Truck based is one of our best selling units. With the solid construction, ergonomic handle and robust pump. This longer length makes handling those oversized loads easier to handle.

Pramac Agile Powered Pallet...

£1,260.00 Price

The Pramac Agile Powered Pallet Truck is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, Agile can be considered a “Smart Pallet Truck” because of its features that combine versatility and manoeuvrability with ease of use even when fully loaded. The double motorised wheel provides an effective mix of speed, stability, and silence thanks to the two powerful AC motors.

Pramac Plus Agile Powered...

£1,360.00 Price

The AGILE PLUS Is Equipped With A Li-ION Powerful BATTERY 36V 12,8Ah And The ON BOARD COMPUTER With OLED Display That Supplies Operator Several Information And The Possibility To Regulate The Maximum Travelling Speed From 3,2 To 5,3 Km/H, Adapting Thus The Operator Experience To The Specific Application.