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Adjustable Forks - Manual...

£1,689.71 Price

The 1250mm inside straddle of our Manual Straddle Stacker allows pallets to be lifted against their widest side, thus addressing the issue (faced when using other stacker models) of handling 'Full Perimeter Board / CHEP' pallets.

Drum Truck

£361.99 Price

Our standard Drum Truck is manually operated and very easy to use.

It lifts the drum hydraulically off the floor for transportation and smoothly lowers it via a spring return knob.

Ideal for moving 205 litre steel drums

Eco Electric Mobile Lift...

£2,112.50 Price

Maximum lift heights of up to 1300mm are available with two brakes fitted (for increased safety), fully serviceable parts, single or double scissor lifts and extra large platforms of up to 1010mm in length.

Electric Static Lift Table

£1,974.96 Price

Our mains operated Static Lift Tables are available with maximum lift height of 760mm.

They can be used either at ground level or in a pit and all models come complete with removable lifting eyes (for easy handling and installation), fully interlocked descent arrestors, pressure relief and emergency check valves (for safety) plus Oilite bushes on axle pivots.

Extra Long Hand Pallet Truck

£452.00 Price

Our Long Pallet Truck based is one of our best selling units. With the solid construction, ergonomic handle and robust pump. This longer length makes handling those oversized loads easier to handle.

Folding Floor Crane

£321.00 Price

Our Folding Floor Crane is free standing with 3 variable capacity settings (maximum capacity available is 1000kg & 2000kg models) afforded by its 3 position telescopic jib and heavy duty swivel hook with safety catch