How to Choose the Correct Hand Pallet Truck

How to Choose the Correct Hand Pallet Truck

Hand Pallet Trucks are one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in many warehouses and factories for moving palletised loads around the warehouse.

Getting the right-hand pallet truck first time is vital to ensure that the truck fully meets the needs of the warehouse. Brands, price, lifting capacity and fork sizes are all something that needs to be considered when deciding what the warehouse needs, but choosing a suitable option is quite simple if you follow out guidelines: 

What Fork Length do I need?

UK Pallet Trucks – If most of the pallets which are moved around the warehouse are being loaded onto UK Pallets (1200 x 1000mm in size), then you would need to purchase the UK Pallet Truck with Forks Dimensions of 1150 x 685mm. These trucks are designed to lift and move UK pallets around whilst maintaining maximum stability of the pallet.

Euro Pallet Trucks – The Euro Pallets are slightly narrower in size when compared to the UK ones. Euro Pallets are (1200 x 800mm in size), so they require a Euro Pallet Truck with fork dimensions of 1150 x 540mm. The benefit of Euro Pallet Trucks is that they can lift both UK Pallet & Euro Pallets whilst a UK Pallet Truck can lift UK Pallets only.

Special Pallet Trucks – The are mainly used when the goods are loaded onto pallets which are designed for the goods and not fitted onto Euro or UK Pallets. Generally, these tend to be small printer pallets, extra long pallets for large items or items like paper rolls which need a more specialised pallet to move around safely. The fork length of these varies from 540mm to 3000mm in length.

What Lifting Capacity do I need?

When deciding what capacity to purchase, it is essential that you look at the worst-case scenario of how much weight the unit will need to lift. It is recommended that you choose a model which can handle the weight comfortably, so if your lifting requirements are close to the unit maximum lifting capacity, then it is advised to choose the next size up to prevent damage/downtime.

Do I need a manual or powered option?


Manual Hand Pallet Trucks are manually moved around by hand and can lift up to 3000kg in weight, but 2000kg – 2500kg tends to be a more popular option with the manual trucks due to the strength needed to maneuverer heavier loads.

They are commonly used in retail & smaller warehouse areas to move pallets around the premises within a short walking distance.


Powered pallet trucks are motorised to allow easy lifting and manoeuvrability of heavy loads.

Some models come with a stand on platform and some are designed for the operator to walk behind.

This kind of pallet truck is ideal for situations where operators regularly move heavy palletised loads or where the operator needs to travel longer distances with pallets.

What Special Options are available?

Super Low Profile - Approx 31mm ground clearance

Low Profile – Approx 51mm – 55mm ground clearance

INOX – (Galvanised Stainless Steel Truck) – useful in environments where regular cleaning is essential i.e. Food facilities, healthcare etc.

Rough Terrain – Larger wheels for very uneven terrain for use with environments where debris is an issue.

Weigh Scale - Used to measure the weight of the load on the forks.

Following these basic guidelines will ensure that the right truck is chosen. Choosing the right truck may mean spending a little more up front, but the savings made from minimal repairs and downtime will easily our weigh the overall cost of the unit during its lifetime.

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