What Are The Most Common And Useful Forklift Attachments?

What Are The Most Common And Useful Forklift Attachments?

What Are The Most Common And Useful Forklift Attachments?


Forklift Extensions are out best selling attachment. They are Ideal for safe and stable handling of pallets/goods which are longer than the fitted forklift forks and are ideal for quick attachment and easy removal to use as and when needed.

Our fork extensions offer long reach and stabilising capabilities, whilst retaining the manoeuvrability of the lift truck for conventional operating.

Drum Handlers

Reduce your manual handling of drums by installing a drum handler to your forklift forks. With drum numerous drum options available in the range, it is very easy to lift and move steel, plastic, fibre or mauser drums around the warehouse.

The most popular options for drum handers are:

·         Drum Lifters

·         Drum Rotators & Tippers

·         Drum Grabs & Grippers

·         Drum Manipulators

Man Up Cages

Man up cages (also known as Forklift Safety Cages, Man Baskets and Forklift Work Platforms are ideal for converting your forklift into a way for people to work at height safely.

A man-up cage is a secure metal box with an access door and fencing, which, when used correctly offers operatives a way to work at height without the danger of falling. The forklift forks go underneath the unit into metal sleeves and lifts the cage to the desired height for workers to commence work.


Jib attachments are a simple and cost-effective way of safely hanging a load under the forks of the lift truck. They are perfect for handling loads which are too large to fit onto pallets safely. They are often used on very long items such as metal beams which are attached to the jib via slings.

Need Help?

Although these are the most popular attachments, there are other solutions available to maximise the use of your forklift. These include Sweepers, Snow Ploughs, Tipping Skips, Tipping Bins, Magnets, Scoops & Buckets and Salt Spreader to name a few.

If you need any help finding the perfect attachment for your forklift please do call our friendly sales team on 0800 542 4512 or email sales@amvargroup.com.